The word behind the program


All visual representations synthesize from primitives and noises.
In mode: learn/communicate vs Out mode: create/solve.
Minimalism and functionalism: every thing has a value.
Time based oblivion like a organic memory.
All things evolving from simple to complex.
Improvement based on holistic thinking.


Refactoring is performed continuously as the code becomes more complex.
Imbedded visual design code adapt for all size iOS devices.
All elements may be reused through the application.
Organic code without external frameworks.
Dynamic memory: hide not used elements.
Simple in visible forms, complex behavior.

The evolution of Helius' science and technology

  • CORE - HAL mind system (1.0), Time oblivion memory model (1.0), Human achievements model (1.0), IQ formulation rules (1.0), Task abstract model with adaptive complexity (1.0), Dynamic task set for mission (1.1 1.4), HAI emotion system (1.2), Dynamic allocation for scenes (1.6)
  • VISUAL - FIVE visual components (1.0), Adaptive screen design formulation (1.0), Time based sky landscape (1.0 1.3), Dark/light background color subsystem (1.0), Design code (1.2), Live motion pattern (1.2), Task pictographs (1.5)
  • SOUND&MUSIC - MIDI motif AI composer (1.0 1.3), Sound environment technology (1.3)
  • SOCIAL - Multi peer game protocol (1.0), Grades of competence (1.2), multilingual interface (1.0 - 1.4)
  • OTHER - Haptic feedback (1.1), Version info sybsystem (1.1), Device motion detect (1.5)

Version table

Version, date Size Scenes Models Abilities Complexity Languages Features
1.0. 2018-05-0518.02+46241242Core design and technologies
1.1. 2018-06-0418.12+57261462Dynamic task set, Version system info
1.2. 2018-07-0719.82+68281822Color emotion model, grades, live motion pattern
1.3. 2018-07-2919.22+69282143Motif AI composer, sound landscapes, geolocation
1.4. 2018-09-0619.62+711302604Dynamic model allocation in memory
1.5. 2018-09-2719.62+712312784Dynamic background, live pictographs
1.6. 2018-11-1020.33+713312984New IQ session scene
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10 june 2011                           

The first record on the concept book

Early concept had a code name "Adaptive


System  "

25 august 2017                           

Start of developing for iOS

Apple xCode, Swift, version 3.2

13 february 2018                         

The first mention about Helius'

just message in Instagram

28 february 2018                  

The landing page 

5 may 2018                         

Helius' on the App Store

version 1.0

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