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About Helius software

Welcome to the intelligent and interactive world of Helius'!

Give your mind a workout while enjoying a morning coffee,
on your way to work or school, or during break time.

Why Helius? According to the ancient Greek mythology,
the Sun god Helios knew all that went on down on Earth.
Later he was known as Apollo, god of harmony and intelligence.

Helius' is a world of simple yet exciting puzzles and riddles.
One of its features is that it is impossible to predict
problem sequence: the Helius' artificial intelligence
combined with chance will choose your task for each specific
moment in time.

Both adults and children will be able to cope with the tasks,
however everyone will follow their own individual path.
Once it's evident that you can cope with simple levels,
Helius' will offer more complex and diverse options, none of
which is ever repeated in its entirety.

Of course, Helius' will know if you're tired, once it's
noticed you making mistakes. Also, once each level is
completed, a results window will show how your skills have
developed, assess their dynamic and suggest the time when
Helius' will restart the game, ready to play again.

One of Helius' features is that everything is designed simply
and logically. Just try clicking on the new elements popping
up on the screen - and discover new possibilities.

Once you have installed and launched Helius', you will see
a screen that adapts to your time of day, showing a changing
image of clouds in daytime, sunset in the evening and
a starlit sky at night. A relaxation screen will play
pleasant music, allowing you to immerse yourself into
the fantasy world by drawing patterns that melt on the screen.
The interactive world of Helius' is full of sounds and musical
phrases, some composed by artificial intelligence on the go.

For now Helius' includes six episodes of puzzles, each of which
develops dynamically, growing more complex as time goes on.
To describe each would be to deprive you of the pleasure of
discovery because keeping your mind active and alert is the most
exciting intellectual challenge and adventure.

Another important point: you can play Helius' with several
friends at the same time. Just connect with one another and
start competing!

Enjoy your encounter with Helius'!

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