The Minoan civilization

The stunning arts, games and harmonious vision of Nature


Two thousand years before the birth of Homer, "out in the wine-dark sea … the a rich and lovely sea-girt" mighty Minoan civilization was born, the oldest in Europe. This age later the Greeks will call thalassocracy or "empire of the sea" spread throughout the Mediterranean.

The Minoans had no city walls, did not conquer the world by the armies and did not build temples. But their stunning architecture and amazing arts deeply influenced the Mycenaean civilization - the era of mythical heroes, sung much later by Homer.


We are deeply inspired by how the Minoans felt nature and perceived the world around us.

The origin of the Helius' world based on that conscious harmonious vision of Nature.

The beauty of Minoan arts amazes people. But there are many things that matter to us. For example games. Acrobatic, contests and of course board games. Archeological museum in Heraklion shows for people the most famous Knossos game, but there are other.


We guess that renowned Phaistos disc also was a kind of verbal game.

Helius’ intends to include almost all of them.


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