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iOS Application

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Helius' is based on evolutionary intelligence which adapts to
human reactions and abilities. Short tasks are designed to
explore potential and adjust complexity, motivating one to
achieve more.

Helius' has been modelled on living organisms and in future
will be able to form its appearance and behavioural model
gradually, in tandem with the human mind.

While in Version One Helius may not present a great number
of tasks or possibilities, its inner intelligence is ready
to develop, awaiting the opportunity!


> Six types of puzzles and games, all with adaptive complexity.
Every time a game is launched, its terms and appearance are
generated as a 'clean slate'.

> A dynamic colour scheme. Daylight turns to dusk in the
evening and to dawn in the early hours.

> Human ability is assessed externally according to seven
categories: perception, logic, integration (the ability to
induce), memory, motor skills, teachability and timing.
There are dozens of categories for assessing ability at
the internal level of adaptive intelligence.

> Helius' does not use a single static picture. All images
are dynamically synthesized and adapted for all types of
iOS devices. Even the app icon in the AppStore is a fragment
of its screenshot.

> Helius' can be played with friends in groups of up to five.
In this event, the same level of complexity is set for all,
based on the most advanced of the players.

> The game doesn't offer prompts or explanations, leaving
the player to explore interaction independently in
the game world.

> The adaptive intelligence model offers different length
breaks between missions, however there is no time limit when
playing with friends!


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