Ancient Greek Paideia

The perfect way to educate people


The term Paideia (παιδεία) refers to the education system in Ancient Greece that was dedicated to bring up the perfect member of the polis. It included technics of arts (rhetoric, music, poetry, grammar and philosophy) as well as science (arithmetic and medicine) and training in gymnastics and wrestling. Of course the ethics of aristocratic society that age was the goal of education as well.

The idea of paideia is excellence in intelligence and physical abilities.

Paideia evolved to Roman Hellenistic Humanitas, revived in Early Italian Renaissance to grow as idea at the European Age of Enlightenment during the 18th century. 


The concept of Helius’ based on integral holistic vision of human mind and reactions as well.
Especially we stimulate ability to creative thinking and adaptive decisions.

The name Helius’ rooted in Ancient Greek mythology and has deep story. We will talk about it in the future.


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