From Psyche to Intelligence

Human mind as the Universe


As the another side of mechanical revolution was a turn from view of immutable human psyche - soul to mind as set of dynamic physiological functions or mind as matter of the universe. Rene Descartes: “Cogito, ergo sum” or “I think, therefore I am” in English.

Contrasting to mechanics, psychology from the XVII to the XXI century did not a kind of universal science, born and going away various contradictory hypotheses and theories. 

We note the concept of Intelligence Quotient forming to the XX century. This concept go away from statements of nature of psyche to idea of complex score as indicator of brain power. 


The artificial intelligence engine of the Helius’ app able to generate for human all classic types of IQ tests. We do not use only verbal tasks due to language and cultural dependence.

The Helius’ concept along with the intelligence abilities model has an emotion model coming not from psychology but rather from neuroscience. See the next part of the story. 

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