Four times a year on the equinoxes and solstices, people gather for a game to prove their best abilities.

There are six abilities and each has a dedicated tribe.
Everyone chooses a tribe and represents himself and his tribe.
The best half is going to raise the next level.
Learn the story of abilities and choose your tribe.
the way to see more
It's the first that gives us a source for everything. Without perception, nothing else exists in the mind.
multiverse in the mind
Integration is the ability to transform raw material of perception and memory into holistic mental models. This is an imaginary world in the head that has a connection with reality.
deduction is rules
Logic is the ability to draw reasonable conclusions from initial premises.
guardians of tradition
Memory for a human is like a stabilizer for an airplane; behavior will be chaotic and unpredictable without memory.
make ideas real
Meet the Tribe of people with quick reactions! It does not mean that logic is absent or settled. They just act faster than they talk.
everything exists in a timeline
The last tribe is the most mysterious and incomprehensible. The TimeSense Tribe is powered by tribals who feel time as a kind of movement.

Hello, this is Helly, I'll talk about the rules of Helius' world games and give you some tips.

Your goal for the game mission is to reach the top leading corner of the mission screen.

The motion of your avatar is directed to the active touch point on the screen. You can freely change the trajectory of motion by changing coordinates of the touch.

What's the challenge?

Along the way, there will be a variety of tasks such as mini games and puzzles. Level of difficulty quickly adapts to your abilities, so it's important to think and act flawlessly right.

Points are given for each successfully completed task. The number of points increases with the level of difficulty, but the risk of losing also increases.

If you lose three times within five tasks, the mission will end, but the points scored so far will be saved.
You will have one trial and six set-off attempts to score as many points as possible. The best result will be saved in the contest leaderboard.

Since the level of difficulty increases in proportion to your abilities and more points are given for successful tasks, the likelihood of achieving a better result increases with each attempt.

A new situation and a unique playing field is generated for each mission. This gives you a great chance to improve strategic skills.

What effect does the tribe have?

You are more likely to encounter tasks that are more suited to the strengths of your chosen tribe.

Can I change tribe?

Yes. Once after the end of any of the game seasons, which are held in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Win conditions?

At least you need to go to the next level. The best half of participants are going to raise the next level and are waiting for new tasks and new discoveries in the new season!

Otherwise, it is possible to try in the next session.
The session continues for one month and your personal result will be changed by other achievements. It's like the Olympics ;)

Good luck with the Helius' world games!